This expression is a postposition which is combined with nouns to show that the noun is the last one of the kind. The predicate that comes after usually has negative meanings. The existence of a final consonant does not matter.

‘-마저’ is also used to mean ‘finish up what one has been doing.’ In this case, it takes a form of an adverb.


Case 1: when it is used as a postposition


1) 마지막 기회마저 놓치다니 이제 어떻게 해야 할지 모르겠다.

I missed even the last opportunity I had. Now, I don’t know what to do.


2) 너마저 나를 배신하다니 정말 믿을 사람이 없구나.

Even you betrayed me, now I really don’t have anyone to trust.


3) 남은 음식마저 다 상했어요. 아무것도 먹을 것이 없네요.

Even the leftover food went bad. We have nothing to eat.


4) 제일 친한 친구마저 나를 믿지 않아서 실망스러워요.

I am disappointed that even my best friend doesn’t trust me.


5) 마지막 버스마저 놓쳐서 집에 갈 방법이 없어요.

There’s no way I can get home because I missed even the last bus.


6) 나에게마저 비밀로 하다니 슬프구나.

I’m sad that you kept it a secret even to me.


7) 피아노마저 팔아버렸어요? 그건 제가 가지고 있던 마지막 물건이라고요!

Did you sell even my piano? That was the last and the only thing I had!



Case 2: when it is used as an adverb


1) 남은 일 마저 해야 해서 지금은 못 가요.

I’ve got to finish up the remaining work, so I can’t go now.


2) 영화가 거의 다 끝났으니까 마저 보고 가자.

The movie is almost over, so let’s finish it up and go.


3) 책 보고 있을 테니까 마저 먹어.

I’m going to read a book, so (don’t stop and) finish up what you are eating.


4) 숙제 마저 다 하지 않으면 게임 못 해.

You can’t play games if you don’t finish up all of your homework.


5) 운동 마저 하고 조금 자려고.

I think I’ll finish up exercising and get some sleep.


6) 청소 마저 하고 저녁 준비도 해.

Finish up cleaning and prepare dinner, too.



Please make Korean sentences using –마저.

  1. Even my dad doesn’t believe that I can win the race this time. How sad!

→ _____________________________________________________________.


  1. Hey, finish up your cake, or it will go bad.

→ _____________________________________________________________.


  1. Don’t turn off the light. I want to finish this book.

→ _____________________________________________________________.


  1. I’m so disappointed that even Sang Yoon can’t understand the situation.

→ _____________________________________________________________.


  1. I’ll tidy up the room after I finish the rest of my homework.

→ _____________________________________________________________.




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