The verbal connective is used to indicate that a situation lasts for some time but is stopped and supervened by another situation. It’s combined with verbs and adjectives, and the existence of a final consonant does not matter. The subjects of the two clauses are often identical. Let’s look at some examples.


1) 가다


학교에 가다가 어릴 때 친구를 만나서 많은 이야기를 했어요.

I met a childhood friend on my way to school, so we talked about a lot of things.

2) 공부하다


공부하다가 너무 졸려서 잠시 낮잠을 잤어요.

I was studying, and I felt so sleepy. So, I took a nap.

3) 아프다


처음에는 머리만 아프다가 갑자기 열도 나기 시작했어요.

At first, only my head hurt, and then suddenly I began to have a fever, too.

4) 뜨겁다


그 금속은 처음에는 굉장히 뜨겁다가 금방 식습니다.

The metal is very hot at first, but it quickly cools down.

5) 먹다


저녁을 먹다가 소화가 안 돼서 약을 좀 먹었습니다.

I was eating dinner and got indigestion, so I took some medicine.

6) 있다


조금 전까지 여기 있다가 사라졌어요.

It was here till a little ago and disappeared.

7) 읽다


책을 읽다가 너무 지루해서 TV를 보기 시작했어요.

I was reading a book and I felt so bored, so I began to watch TV.

8) 샀다


가방을 샀다가 가방 안 쪽에 구멍이 있는 것을 보고 환불 받았어요.

I bought a bag and found a hole in it, so I got a refund.

9) 방문했다


사무실에 예약을 안 하고 방문했다가 기다리느라고 시간만 낭비했어요.

I visited the office without making an appointment, and I only wasted my time waiting.

10) 찾다


잃어버린 물건을 찾다가 옛날 사진들을 많이 찾았어요.

I was looking for some stuff I lost, and I found a lot of old pictures.

11) 보다


영화를 보다가 무서운 장면이 많이 나와서 울었어요.

I was watching a movie, and there were a lot of scary scenes. So, I cried.

12) 마셨다


뜨거운 커피를 마셨다가 혀를 데었어요.

I drank hot coffee and burned my tongue.

13) 닦다


이를 닦다가 잇몸에서 피가 나고 있다는 것을 알아냈어요.

I was brushing my teeth, and I found out my gums were bleeding.


Connect the sentences, using ‘-다가.’

  1. 놀이공원에 갔다 / 거기서 써니 씨를 만났어요.

→ ____________________________________________________________.

(= I went to the amusement park and met Sunny there.)

  1. 피자를 먹다 / 너무 매워서 전부 다 버렸어요.

→ ____________________________________________________________.

(= I was eating pizza and throw the whole thing away because it was too spicy.)

  1. 미나 씨와 사귀다 / 지난 달에 헤어졌어요.

→ ____________________________________________________________..

(= I was going out with Mina and broke up with her last month.)

  1. 자다 / 이상한 소리를 들었어요.

→ ____________________________________________________________.

(= I was sleeping and heard a weird sound.)

  1. 테니스를 치다 / 발목을 삐었어요.

→ ____________________________________________________________.

(= I was playing tennis and twisted my ankle.)

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