7.This expression indicates that while an action or a state mentioned in a sentence continues to be maintained, what comes next in the same sentence will happen. So, phrases after ‘-다가 보면 would not make sense if they were written in past tenses. In ‘–다가 보면,’ ‘가’can be omitted, as in ‘–다 보면’.




A: 운전은 너무 어려워요.

Driving is so hard.

B: 계속 연습하다가 보면 괜찮아질 거예요.

If you keep practicing, it will be fine.

A: 예상하지 못한 상황이 생기면 저는 정말 당황할거예요.

If I encounter unexpected situations, I will definitely panic.

B: 주변 사람들의 조언을 듣다 보면 자신감이 생길 거예요.

If you continue to listen to others’ advices, you will gain more confidence.


A: 실례합니다. 여기서 가장 가까운 지하철역이 어디인가요?

Excuse me. Where is the nearest subway station?

B: 시청 역이에요.

It’s City Hall station.

A: 시청역까지 어떻게 가요?

How do I get there?

B: 이쪽으로 계속 걸어가다 보면 나와요.

If you keep walking this way, you’ll see it.

A: 감사합니다.

Thank you.


A: 친구가 몇 년간 운동하다 보면 건강해질 거라고 해서 그렇게 하기로 결심했어요.

My friend told me if I keep exercising for years, I will be healthy, so I’ve decided to do it.

B: 어때요? 좋죠?

How is it? Isn’t it good?

A: 네. 그런데 매일 아침에 운동하는 것은 너무 힘들어요.

Yes. But it’s so hard to exercise every morning.

B: 몇 시에 일어나는데요?

When do you wake up?

A: 6시요.

At 6.

B: 저도 처음에는 못 일어났었어요.

At first, I also couldn’t wake up.

A: 정말요?


B: 네. 하지만 계속 같은 시간에 일어나다 보면 덜 힘들어져요.

Yes. But, if you keep waking up at the same time, it becomes less hard.

A: 그랬으면 좋겠어요. 한번 해 볼게요.

I hope so.  I’ll try it.


A: 한국어가 처음에는 쉬웠는데 점점 어려워져요.

Korean was easy at first, but it’s getting hard.

B: 고급 과정을 공부하고 있잖아요.

You are studying advanced Korean.

A: 네. 하지만 이렇게 어려울 줄 몰랐어요. 매일 열심히 단어를 외우다 보면 더 잘할 수 있겠죠?

Yeah. But I didn’t expect it to be this hard. If I keep memorizing vocabularies every day, I’ll be better, right?

B: 그럼요. 지금처럼만 열심히 공부하다 보면 원어민처럼 될 수 있을 거예요.

Sure. If you keep studying hard just like now you are doing, you will be able to become like a native speaker.

A: 고마워요.

Thank you.


Please translate the following sentences into Korean.

  1. If you keep reading every day, you will become genius.

→ _____________________________________________________.

  1. If you keep telling lies, you will lose all your friends. So, don’t.

→ _____________________________________________________.

  1. If you keep spending money without any plan, you’ll lose all your money.

→ _____________________________________________________.

  1. If I keep growing my hair, it will reach my knee someday.

→ _____________________________________________________.

  1. If you keep eating this every day, you will eventually like the taste.

→ _____________________________________________________.

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